We Believe In Transparency

Security is a first class citizen with all things SysWard. Have more questions about our infrastructure or agent? Shoot us an email: help@sysward.com

Open Source Agent

See what you're running and adapt our agent to various internal security requirements.

  • Fully compatible with air-gapped networks via HTTP and HTTPS proxy support
  • Lock down the agent using sudoers
  • All communication over SSL/TLS
  • Open source: don't trust random binaries from the web, we empower you to build the agent internally if you need to
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Security Begins At Each Level

From our user authentication to backend servers, security is our most important tenant.

  • Full support for 2 Factor Authentication in the web interface.
  • BCRYPT used for all password hashing.
  • Fully isolated network via AWS VPCs.
  • IAM used for all aspects of our AWS security to lock down systems.
  • Bastion hosts and VPN used for all network access.
  • Support available using GPG encryption for tickets (just let us know when we start the ticket).
  • And of course, all systems are patched and managed using SysWard - we believe in what we make.