Here's Why You'll Love Us

All parts of SysWard work across our supported operating systems: Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, RedHat, SUSE, and OpenSUSE. Manage your linux server patch management from one convenient location.

Worry free mixed environments

Manage all your server operating systems under SysWard

  • Pick the right tools for the job. Need CentOS? No problem! Need Ubuntu? Use it! Don't worry about how to stay secure.
  • All SysWard features are supported across supported operating systems. Don't worry about having to use different tools to manage patches.
  • Consolidate your patching solutions into one interface with SysWard

Get a system-wide overview

See how many servers at a glance have updates, haven't reported in, or have job failures.

  • See how many security updates need to be applied
  • Track how many regular updates need to be applied
  • View recent acitivty and patch failures
  • Manage dead hosts so they can be brought back under patch management

Critical alerts when you need them

Get notified of critical system updates, view CVE's related to installed software, as well as configurable security options.

  • Full sudoers support to lock down the agent
  • Run an air gapped network? Full HTTPS and HTTP proxy support
  • Need to guarantee what's running? Disable automatic updates and run a custom build of our open source agent
  • CVE alerts based on installed packages keep you up to date on the latest vulnerabilities
  • Get notified instantly via email and chat when security updates are available

Track patching activity

Track who applied patches and when, gain visibility into when patches are manually applied.

  • View agent history to see what was patched by who and when
  • Someone apply a manual update? We'll track that as well
  • Stay in compliance by having a fully searchable papertrail

Deploy safely

Use groups and tags to stay organized and deploy patches to the right environments.

  • Deploy using groups so you can roll out to QA first before Production
  • Smart grouping and tagging by DNS subdomains/hostnames
  • Quick filtering based on groups and other attributes

Find similar patches across sets of hosts

Track package versions and upgrades across all hosts.

  • Figure out which software patches are on multiple servers
  • View by group and hosts
  • 1-click upgrade to patch them at the same time
  • Quick filtering to pinpoint exact packages