Simple to use vulnerability and patch management for your servers.
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  • Security & CVE patch management
  • Deploy & Schedule patches to servers
  • View patch history, logs, and audit trails
  • Get notified instantly of new security patches
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    Name Versions
    Centos CentOS
    6 7
    Ubuntu Ubuntu
    12 13 14 15 16 17
    Redhat RedHat
    6 7
    Amazon Amazon Linux
    Debian Debian
    6 7 8 9
    Suse OpenSUSE
    12 13 Leap/Tumbleweed
    Suse SUSE
    Fedora Fedora
    24 25 26 27 28
    Oracle Oracle Linux
    6 7

    Our Customers Love Us

    "Sysward is easy to set up, easy to use, and helps us stay on top of important system and security upgrades. We have used Sysward to roll out urgent security updates with a single click in the web interface, allowing us more time to focus on developing our product, while being confident our systems are patched. Support at Sysward is top notch and has quickly delivered on our requests for support and features."

    What is SysWard?

    SysWard is a hosted patch management system. Use the Dashboard to get an overview of your systems and see what patches were recently applied. Use Groups to roll out patches to your staging environment first before production. Manage servers from a simple to use interface.

    SysWard Benefits

    • Alerted immediately when new updates are available for installed packages
    • Controlled patching via groups
    • Track manually installed packages
    • Simplified 1-line installation
    • Searchable Systems Inventory
    • 2 Factor Authentication & SSL/TLS Security

    Avoid Server Exploits

    Between Poodle , #shellshock , glibc Remote Code Execution and many others , it can be hard to stay up to date.

    See What Patches You Need In Minutes

    A Look Inside SysWard


    Dashboard thumbnail
    An overview of all your agents.

    Agent Listing

    Agent list thumbnail
    View all agents and get a detailed overview.

    Group Management

    Group list thumbnail
    Create groups to roll out patches to (eg: Staging, Production, etc)

    2 Factor Auth

    2fa thumbnail
    Secure access to your dashboard with a Google Authenticator.

    Agent Overview

    Agent view thumbnail
    Get a detailed overview of all packages available and other agent details.

    Group Overview

    Group overview thumbnail
    Deploy patches to all agents in a group.

    Email Notifications

    Email notifications thumbnail
    Get alerted on new security patches immediately.

    Manage Held Packages

    Agent view 2 thumbnail
    Hold and unhold packages from the WebUI.

    Opensource Agent

    Opensource thumb
    Build the agent into your own deployment systems, or use our already compiled binaries.

    Package View

    Package overview thumbnail
    Apply package updates across all systems at once and see what hosts and groups they will effect.
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