Easy linux patch management.

All your servers.

Always up to date and secured.

Stop manually updating your servers. Keep your servers patched and up-to-date against security vulnerabilities.

Use our CVE patch detection to know your risk level. Patch your servers in groups, on a schedule, or however you want with our intuitive and easy to use interface.

Try it for free, enjoy patching more
  • Quick Install
  • Simplify Patching
  • Cloud or Self-Hosted
  • Broad OS support

Supported Operating Systems

centos patch management
ubuntu patch management
debian patch management
rocky linux patch management
Rocky Linux
redhat patch management
amazon linux patch management
Amazon Linux
suse and opensuse patch management
fedora patch management
oracle linux patch management
Oracle Linux
vzlinux patch management
Vz Linux
alma linux patch management
Alma Linux
arch linux patch management
Arch Linux

Why SysWard?

Simple to use vulnerability and patch management for your servers.

  • Get alerted immediately when new patch updates are available for installed packages
  • Controlled patching via groups
  • Track manually installed packages
  • Simplified 1-line installation
  • Searchable Systems Inventory
  • 2 Factor Authentication & SSL/TLS Security
Simple to use vulnerability and patch management for your servers.
Simple to use vulnerability and patch management for your servers.

Scale your DevOps & SecOps teams.

A look inside SysWard

  • Dashboard

    An overview of all your agents. See at a glance how many security updates, regular updates, and what has happened recently with your systems. Also view any agents who haven't reported in recently.

  • Agent Listing

    View all agents and get a detailed overview of system status. See whether systems need a reboot, update statuses, and system information. Export all your agent data to a CSV for inventory tracking as well.

  • CVE Alerts

    View CVE alerts and have the ability to patch them when they surface.

  • Group Management

    An overview of all your agents. Group your agents into what makes sense for your team, and apply patches to those groups in order to roll out upgrades.

  • Agent Dashboard

    View system information, update statuses, and manage the patch status of your systems. Hold and unhold packages and view history.

  • Package Overview

    View all common packages across all servers to find common upgrades and security issues.

  • Scheduled Jobs

    Schedule and manage scheduled patches for servers to apply updates when they are convenient for your team.

  • Patch Agents

    Apply all patches, just security updates, or schedule patches for a later time.

  • Email Notifications

    Simple to read and understand email alerts that tell you what patches are required.

  • User Auditing

    View every action a user has done for upgrading packages and making server modifications.